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Swing your cane on Pendekar Tongkat Emas: The Game! #PendekarTongkatEmas #simplyNAMPOL
Happy Mother's Day!. The special woman in our heart now and forever.
Spend sunday with family member and play games :)
Look! Do you recognize the funny characters in the picture?
Pssst... What Altermyth is doing here? Keep tuning guys! #alwaysdifferent
Siapa lagi nih yang udah dapet tongkat emas? :D #pendekartongkatemas #PTETheGame
RT @Diontorahono : @nampol @altermyth #pendekartongkatemas udah dapet tongkat emasnya!! Wuhuuu...
Have a nice friday people and keep your spirit up!
Train yourself with the characters on movie. Download now on Nampol:
Who gonna watch Pendekar Tongkat Emas - The Golden Cane Warrior today?. See the movie and download Pendekar...